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Building Up The Bourse – New Owners Plan for Renovation

Philadelphia homes for sale The Bourse is about to get a major facelift!  MRP Realty has purchased the historic building and is planning a $40 million dollar renovation.  The 121 year old, 10 story building located at Independence Mall, was the first commodities exchange in the U.S.   Originally known as The Philadelphia Bourse Building, The Bourse (meaning a place of exchange) was constructed in 1895. Purchased by the Kaiserman Company, Inc in 1979, it was turned into a retail and office complex and is currently...Continue Reading!

White Christmas? Keep Dreamin’

Philadelphia homes for sale It’s been unusually warm here in Philadelphia.   The weather has barely touched freezing here in the city and while the first day of winter didn’t officially start until yesterday, we were expecting at least some frost by now.  While mornings have been somewhat chilly, there's a feeling of disappointment throughout Philadelphia as Christmas gets closer and the weather gets warmer.  The inconvenience and hassle of snow fades during the holidays as children and their parents alike crave the Hallmark White Christmas.  This year, it would take...Continue Reading!

Hanukkah History in Philadelphia

Philadelphia homes for sale philadelphia 1974: the first public lighting of the menorah The holidays are here in Philadelphia!  The Thanksgiving Day Parade has marched, Christmas Village at City Hall is bustling and ice skating rinks are open for business.  While wish lists are being worked on for Christmas, those who celebrate Hanukkah are already wrapping their presents, as the holiday begins this Sunday at sundown. Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, is an 8 day holiday celebrated by Jewish people all over the world.  The holiday...Continue Reading!

Philly Frights: History After Dark

Philadelphia homes for sale October is finally here and with the recent cold weather it’s really starting to feel like fall.  Over the next couple of weeks, Halloween stores will begin popping up as people get excited about costumes and trick or treating.  In the weeks leading up to Halloween, there are many ways to get into the holiday spirit!  Philadelphia is a historic town with a chilling past.  Experience the haunted history of Philadelphia through tours, haunted houses and famous cemeteries that are guaranteed...Continue Reading!

Philly Haunts: Washington Square Park

Philadelphia homes for sale The leaves are starting to fall, the morning air is crisp and the days already seem to be getting shorter.  Fall has finally arrived and we couldn’t be more excited!  October is the month of Halloween, when our inner child can’t wait to dress up, watch scary movies and listen to ghost stories.  Philadelphia is no stranger to ghosts.  Being over 300 years old, this city has seen its share of ghouls and goblins and you don’t need to go far...Continue Reading!

Signs of Spring: Seeking Cherry Blossoms

Philadelphia homes for sale peak bloom time forecast: april 18th-23rd One of the many reasons I love Philly so much! Have you ever noticed, in April, how many cherry blossom trees we have here in Philadelphia? In 1926, as a sign of friendship, the Japanese government gifted Philadelphia 1,600 flowering trees to celebrate our 150th year of independence. In 1998, The Japan America Society of America planted 1,000 more over a 10 year period. Every year Philadelphia celebrates with the Cherry Blossom Festival hosted by Subaru with free events...Continue Reading!

The Wooden Homes of Queen Village

Philadelphia homes for sale a little hump day history We are surrounded by history here in Philadelphia, especially in the neighborhoods along the Delaware River. One of the most elusive sights to behold is the wooden clapboard house, which were outlawed within the original planned city limits by 1796 due to the risk of fire. Southwark, today known as Queen Village, was not considered part of the city limits at this time. As you can see from the map below, circa 1804, the original city limits...Continue Reading!

Philly Street Names from Days Gone By

Philadelphia homes for sale did your street have a different name? Check out this old map of center city Philadelphia from 1807 before the surrounding neighborhoods were part of Philadelphia proper. Some of the street names look a little different. Market Street was High Street. Race Street was Sassafras Street & Arch Street was known as Arch or Mulberry Street. South Street was Cedar Street.   The Free Library has a really cool map feature you can access here. In 1843 Bainbridge Street had a section called Shippen Street. You can also see that...Continue Reading!

Alexander “Sandy” Calder’s Handmade Christmas Card

Philadelphia homes for sale getting in the holiday spirit circa 1930 While flipping through December's Elle Decor I found this gem of an article featuring handmade Christmas cards. These Christmas cards were not purchased from Paperless Post, Shutterfly or Hallmark. No, these overachievers took the time to make by hand their season's greetings. One of these overachievers happens to be Alexander "Sandy" Calder of the Calder family fame whose art installations are all over Philadelphia. Something about this holiday greeting captures perfectly how I start to feel this...Continue Reading!

TBT: Thanksgiving Day Parade 60’s & 70’s Style

Philadelphia homes for sale let's take a step back in time... Happy Thanksgiving and don't forget to be grateful today & every day. As the late, great Dr. Maya Angelou once said: "This is a wonderful day. I've never seen this one before."                     All photos from Phillyhistory.orgContinue Reading!

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